• TOTEM Studio, founded in May, 2005, specializes in the creation, production, and development of adventure games.

    Thanks to our team’s experience in this field, we are able to imagine and develop games with great entertainment and sales potential (Echo: Secrets of the Lost Cavern, The Secrets of da Vinci, Nostradamus, the Last Prophecy, The Travels of Marco Polo)

  • Otherwise we are working for Hire for publishers and Studios. We are able to create Scénario, Game design, Pré-production and Production supervision as well as whole Adventure or Serious Games on PC/Mac, iOS, Android.


  • The Core Team is composed by the two founders of the company :


  • Marianne Tostivint, Scriptwriter, Game Designer, Developer 

    After 7 years spent working in television, she conceived the game design for Echo: Secrets of the Lost CavernThe Secret of da Vinci, and Nostradamus, the Last Prophecy, Dracula 4/5, The Travels of Marco Polo, and many more... She’s the lead author of our scenarios, the various puzzles, the dialogues, and the treatment. Now she also develops Adventure and Serious Games.


  • Olivier Train, Producer, Art Director, Game Designer

    During his 10 years at Cryo Interactive, he worked on the first versions of Atlantis (1, 2, 3), AlienTime Machine… Now he’s in charge of the Game mechanics and of overall visual conception of the games and their ergonomics, graphic pre-production, and production supervision.


  • We are also working with other talented artists and designers : Alexis Lang, John Mac Cambridge, Frédérique Pinasseau, Franck Candry, etc...

  • experience

  • The Core Team weighs more than 35 years of experience in the Vidéogame industry... and it could be worse ;o))

  • Projects

  • We are working on several projects, we are looking for partners and funds.

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